About SEE

Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship (SEE) Northern Region Partnership includes NORDIK Institute, the Northwest Regional Innovation Centre in Thunder Bay, the Timmins Economic Development Corporation’s Business Enterprise Centre, YouLaunch with the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre in Sault Ste. Marie and PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise in Thunder Bay are partnering to support social enterprise development in Northern Ontario.  Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (SEE), Northern Region Partnership is funded, in part by Ontario Ministry of Economic Trade and Growth and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation.

Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship (SEE) Northern Region Partnership (formerly Social Enterprise Evolution, focused on youth social entrepreneurship) has expanded to serve all ages of social innovators, creating a network between and among entrepreneurs, service providers and the broader community.

SEE seeks to address Northern Ontario’s social and economic challenges by encouraging a movement of social enterprise and entrepreneurship that stresses community resilience, innovation, support and mobilization.

SEE aims to strengthen, support, grow and scale Social Enterprises (SEs) across Northern Ontario through:

a) the provision of culturally appropriate services such as peer mentoring, training and networking;

b) the development of resources to support social enterprises and entrepreneurs, and service providers; and

c) assisting social enterprises in overcoming challenges such as access to markets, capital and seed funding.


For more information about Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Northern Region Partnership, please contact us.