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Urban Indigenous Youth for Change (UIYFC)

Originating from SEE in 2015, the Urban Indigenous Youth for Change (UIYFC) project works with youth to create community and capacity in the social economy through social enterprise development.

UIYFC views youth as changemakers, those who are capable of making change in their communities based on their passions, which is the piece that is emphasized and explored through culturally relevant programming.

UIYFC provides an in-depth opportunity to teach and learn from urban Indigenous youth how to incorporate cultural and land based learning that may lead to increased and diverse participation in the social economy.  Youth are provided the opportunity to co-design curriculum, co-deliver, lead or facilitate workshops to other Indigenous youth in the Sault Ste. Marie area.

UIYFC poises youth to develop their leadership, business and self-expression skills through their active participation in various community activities and events.

Urban Indigenous youth are able to leave a mark of their own creative expression on the urban landscape through arts-based workshops such as the creation of art murals, digital story-telling and other related cultural programming. Youth have the opportunity to participate in the design and creation process while developing skills that can be applied to careers in the arts and/or social entrepreneurship.

SEE Resources

The following culturally appropriate resources were developed by SEE to meet the needs of Northern Ontario’s small, rural, Indigenous and Francophone communities.

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