Urban Indigenous Youth for Change

Urban Indigenous Youth for Change

The Urban Indigenous Youth for Change (UIYFC) project provides an in-depth opportunity to teach and learn from urban Indigenous youth how to incorporate cultural and land based learning with different types of entrepreneurship education, leading to increased and diverse participation in the social economy.

The project provides an opportunity to modify and up-scale social economy education and approaches so that developed programming can be used in other communities.

All programming is mindful of cultural and spiritual teachings and the deep historical trauma that still affects indigenous communities today.

Participants co-design curriculum and co-deliver workshops to other Indigenous youth in the Sault Ste. Marie area.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Lauren Doxtater, by phone at (705-949-2301 ext. 4229) or email: lauren.doxtater@algomau.ca


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Objectives of the project include:

1) Project prepares, enables and empowers urban Aboriginal People, particularly youth, to access available education, employment and skills development activities and services:

  • UIYFC provides urban Indigenous youth access to educational opportunities relating to the social economy and social enterprise with a focus on capacity building and skill development so that involved youth can become leaders in the social economy. Areas of skill development include cross-cultural facilitation and communication, social innovation, and business and financing relating to the social economy and social enterprise development.

2) Urban Aboriginal community groups and organizations enhance their capacity to be self-reliant in seeking meaningful partnerships with traditional and non-traditional partners:

  • Activities such as community asset mapping and consultation sessions with youth, knowledge keepers and community members participating in the social economy, a crowd-funding event to create awareness of opportunities for urban Indigenous youth in the social economy, and workshop series facilitated and co-designed by committed projects to the project.

3) Partners collaborate on policy, program, planning and projects towards improving socio-economic conditions for Urban Aboriginal peoples, with a focus on Aboriginal youth:

  • All components of the project are co-designed alongside urban Indigenous youth as they participate in the social economy and build networks. The partners contribute collective expertise and ideas on the workshops and manuals developed by the Indigenous Youth Changemakers Coalition. Ongoing evaluation is collaborative in nature and includes audio and visual recording, post-workshop surveys and feedback forms, and group interviews. These methods provide an opportunity for partners and engaged youth to reflect on activities to date and adapt programming based on actual experiences.

4) Innovative projects which ease Aboriginal peoples’ transitions to urban centres from reserves and northern, remote communities:

  • Urban Indigenous youth are able to leave a mark of their own creative expression on the urban landscape through art murals and digital story-telling. Youth have the opportunity to participate in the design and creation process while developing skills that can be applied to careers in the arts and/or social entrepreneurship.

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