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75,000 thousand clients were served by social enterprises in Northern Ontario last year

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Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (SEE) seeks to address Northern Ontario’s social and economic challenges by encouraging a movement of social enterprise and entrepreneurship that stresses community resilience, innovation, support and mobilization.

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Fair Finance Funds

The Fair Finance Fund (“Fund”) is a non-profit social finance fund dedicated to providing loans and mentorship services to local food and farm enterprises that value strong local food systems, local economies, and a healthy planet. The Fair Finance Fund builds on seed capital to implement an ongoing investment opportunity for community-minded investors, that is, individuals who want to invest their capital to build local food systems in Ontario to support food that is grown, raised and processed in their own backyards. The Fair Finance Fund provides support across Ontario’s food webs, from production to waste redirection.

Interview with Sally Miller, Project Manager, Local Food Farm Co-ops/Fair Finance Fund

By Sadaf Kazi, Social Enterprise Development, NORDIK Institute

What inspired you to lead Fair Finance Fund? 

When we started this, I was the project manager for the Local Food Farm Co-ops, which is a provincial network for food and farm co-operatives across Ontario. Every year we do consultations with members and every year one of the major themes is to help them get access to capital. I led the development of a discussion paper that we later circulated to all of our members and partners. We received enthusiastic feedback resulting in a number of meetings in 2017-18.

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