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Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (SEE) seeks to address Northern Ontario’s social and economic challenges by encouraging a movement of social enterprise and entrepreneurship that stresses community resilience, innovation, support and mobilization.

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Inspiring Social Enterprises in Northern Ontario


Hearterra is a zero-waste refillery working to provide a more environmentally responsible way of distributing household and personal care products. They have researched all products to ensure they are eco-friendly and work well for you.

Épicerie Coop Grocery

Moonbeam’s only grocery store, Épicerie Coop Grocery, is renowned for its meat department. It prides itself on offering fresh local products and friendly, courteous service. It primarily serves the residents of Moonbeam, including Rémi Lake and the surrounding areas.

The Nickel Refillery

The Nickel Refillery is a zero-waste community hub and retail store in Sudbury offering package-free foods, ingredients, and DIY products. It hosts regular workshops, offers dish rentals and has an Energy Exchange program that is fueled by passionate and committed zero-wasters. It places value on all zero waste efforts, including innovation, teamwork, humility, and community level impact.

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